Ex-Marion Barry Flack, White House Staffer Sues Jacko for $44M

Ex-publicist claims Jackson didn't pay her for representing him through molestation trial

WASHINGTON -- A former White House staffer and one of the entertainment's industry's biggest publicists filed a $44 million lawsuit against Michael Jackson Wednesday.

Raymone Bain accuses Jacko of not paying her while she represented him during his 2005 trial and acquittal on child molestations charges and running the "King of Pop's" business affairs.

"This lawsuit will result in some discussion about the relationship between Mr. Jackson and me," she said in a statement released Wednesday. "Hypothetical theories, accusations and rumors, if gauging from the past, will be many.  However, all of these will be replaced in court with the truth."

In a video statement, Bain professed affection and respect for the pop singer - who appointed her general manager of The Michael Jackson Company in 2006.

"Michael Jackson, in my opinion, is the King of Pop," Bain said, "and I wish him and his family only the best."

Minus $44 million.

Bain, a Georgia native, came to D.C. with President Jimmy Carter's administration, where she served as Special Assistant to OMB Director Designate, Bert Lance and stayed through the Ronald Reagan administration. She has also performed PR work for celebs including Mayor for Life Marion Barry.

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