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Metro Running on a Saturday Schedule; Metrobus Limits Routes; Hundreds of US Flights Canceled as Snowstorm Looms

What to Know

  • Trains will run on a Saturday schedule, about every 12 minutes on each line. However, SafeTrack continues on the Blue & Yellow lines.
  • Metrobus will begin the day on a severe snow service plan, with limited routes on major roadways.
  • MetroAccess ended service at 4 p.m. Monday and is expected to remain closed all day Tuesday.

Several inches of snow have piled up in the D.C., leading Metrorail to run on a Saturday schedule on Tuesday. Metrobus began the day on a severe snow service plan; it's now running on a moderate snow plan. MetroAccess service is suspended.

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled across the U.S., and Amtrak is running on a modified schedule to and from D.C.


Metrorail opened as usual at 5 a.m. Tuesday, with service both above and below ground. All stations are open. However, trains are running on a Saturday schedule, about every 12 minues on each line.

Blue and Yellow line single-tracking is continuing due to Metro's SafeTrack repair plan. Due to SafeTrack, Blue Line trains are running 24 minutes apart, even during rush hour, and there is no Yellow Rush+ service.

However, crews assigned to SafeTrack work have been reassigned to snow-clearing operations Tuesday, WMATA said.

SafeTrack shuttle buses between Franconia-Springfield and Pentagon are not running Tuesday.

WMATA is encouraging riders to sign up for alerts via email and text messages.


Metrobus began the day on a severe snow service plan, but later moved to a moderate snow plan. Under that plan, some routes are suspended and buses are detouring around roads prone to hazardous conditions.

See routes with possible snow detours online here.


MetroAccess transit service for those with disabilities halted Monday afternoon, and remains suspended Tuesday.

Service will resume Wednesday. However, MetroAccess users may have longer wait times due to road conditions, and in some cases, door-to-door service may not be available, WMATA said.

The MetroAccess reservations call center reopened at noon Tuesday.


Major Northeast cities such as New York and Boston were bracing for the possibility of blizzard conditions. Airlines preemptively canceled more than 725 flights for Monday and another 815 for Tuesday ahead of the storm, according to flight tracking site, NBC News reported Monday.


Amtrak is operating on a modified schedule Tuesday.

Delta, American and United are all waiving rebooking fees for O'Hare, mid-Atlantic and Northeast airports during the storm days, according to NBC News on Monday.

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