DC Giving the Boot to Traffic Violators

District expands program to collect fines

WASHINGTON -- The District has begun "booting" cars of motorists who haven't paid their fines after being caught at least twice by cameras for speeding or running red lights.

Department of Public Works Director William Howland Jr. said too many violators ignore the tickets and continue to violate traffic laws.

"Boots" are thick metal braces that clamp onto tires to immobilize vehicles. Previously, they were used only on cars with at least two unpaid parking tickets.

The only way the D.C. government could collect fines for its photo-enforcement camera tickets was to make D.C. drivers pay before they could renew their driver's licenses or registration.

Now, when a car is booted, drivers must pay their outstanding fines and a $50 fee to remove the boot. Critics say it's just another way for D.C. to make money.

So what should you do if you find a boot on your car? You should probably pay up, or if you feel daring enough, try the Homer Simpson technique. Watch the video for Homer's attempt to remove a boot.

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