D.C. Police Officer Calvin Willis Accused of Threatening, Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

A 52-year-old D.C. police officer is accused of grabbing his pregnant girlfriend by the hair and throwing her against the wall.

Court documents obtained by News4 detail a tumultuous relationship between Calvin Willis and his 25-year-old girlfriend. The woman is currently pregnant with Willis' child. Documents spell out Willis kept a tight lid on their relationship.

The two met 10 years ago while Willis, 42 at the time, was on assignment as a patrol officer. The woman, who was 15, was walking home from work late at night. Willis approached her and told her she shouldn't be out late and that he could arrest her. He then gave her his contact information and asked her to "keep a secret." Willis would give her rides home and soon after, the two struck up a relationship.

Since then, Willis, who is currently married, has had two children with the 25-year-old woman.

Willis is accused of kicking his girlfriend in the back and leg following an argument at her apartment last Sunday.

He left her apartment around noon after the fight to attend a wedding with his wife, but insisted on returning to her home just after midnight that evening. According to documents, she was babysitting Willis' third child, whose mother is another young woman.

The two got into another argument over parenting, after one of the children injured his head.

Documents say the woman then pleaded with Willis not to hurt the child, and shortly after, he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her against a wall, "so hard that he caused damage to the wall."

Willis is alleged to have yelled, "I'm going to kill you and throw you out of the window!"

According to documents, the woman then grabbed a kitchen knife to defend herself, while Willis allegedly placed his hand on his gun, saying something to the effect of, "Come on, bring it on."

He's alleged to have told her she shouldn't call the police, and even if she did, he said nobody would believe her. The argument escalated, and as Willis walked outside, the woman allegedly threw a carton of eggs at his car.

Willis then changed into his uniform, called police and said his girlfriend had been throwing eggs at him. Officers who responded spoke with the woman, who said she was assaulted by Willis. She later called a domestic violence hot line, and said she had been threatened and assaulted.

In an interview with detectives, the woman said Willis had physically abused her multiple times and threatened her in the past, and she feared he would kill her if he found out she talked to police.

Willis had said he would kill the 25-year-old woman, the other mother of his children, his wife and himself if she told anyone about their relationship, according to police.

Willis will be in court Friday for a hearing.

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