Cops: 85-Year-Old Offender Tries to Snatch Teen

An octogenarian in Spotsylvania County, Va., could go from near-house arrest to spending the rest of his life in prison if he's convicted of a really creepy crime.

Fredericksburg police said 85-year-old John William Sinnett molested a high school student in his car after offering her a ride Monday afternoon. Sinnett approached the 17-year-old female victim, a student at James Monroe High, in the 3000 block of Fall Hill Ave., according to authorities.

The girl accepted the ride, but Sinnett's seemingly friendly offer got way too friendly when he started peppering the student with "personal questions that quickly became sexual in nature," according to a police statement.  After that, Sinnett reportedly pulled over, locked the doors, and started fondling the girl.

She was able to escape and run home. Police later identified Sinnett as the culprit and arrested him Tuesday.

As it turns out, Sinnett was already wearing an electronic monitoring device for attacking a 21-year-old woman who was trying to carry groceries back into her apartment 10 months ago, according to That one netted him a sexual battery conviction.

Now Sinnett faces a felony charge of abduction with intent to defile. That carries a possible life sentence, according to He's being held at the Rappahanock Regional Jail without bond.

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