Caption This: “Stras 4 President”

Every and now then, you see signs in the crowd at games that really make you wonder.

For example, earlier this year, two high school girls brought signs to a Washington Capitals game asking goaltender Braden Holtby (who is a father) and defenseman John Carlson to prom. Monday, an enthusiastic Nationals fan spurned conventional wisdom during this election year and put in a write-in vote for a new presidential candidate:

(Photo credit: Greg Flume/Getty Images)

There are a lot of questions that this picture presents. Like, what would Stephen Strasburg's platform be? Would he run on innings equality for all pitchers? Let Teddy win? Wait, that's Jayson Werth.

Perhaps the most important question is why a middle-aged man has the artistic skills of an elementary school kid.

Either way, let's have some fun. In the comment section below, leave me what you think Strasburg's campaign platform/slogan would be if he ever did run for president.

Hey, he can't be worse than George W. Bush.

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