Tidbits: John Mayer can't stop talking about Jen

When John Mayer isn’t gabbing to the media about his on-again off-again romance with ex Jennifer Aniston, the singer-songwriter’s happy to spill the details to anyone else within earshot. According to a report in the National Enquirer, Mayer recently stumbled on the perfect captive audience to vent his lovelorn woes — single women.

“John's been recording in a studio and coming on to almost every woman in the vicinity,” and insider revealed to the National Enquirer. “He goes on and on to these women about how clingy and needy Jen is. He says that when they got back together after their first breakup last August, it was agreed she would back off on the smothering.”

Now it’s the women subjected to Mayer’s all-Aniston, all-the-time rants who need some breathing room.

“When someone tries to change the subject, he goes back to Jennifer, claiming she was so emotionally dependent and demanding that he couldn't take it,” the source said.

Of course, all that kiss-and-tell talk could give credence to the source’s other claim, that Aniston dumped Mayer the second time around because “his immaturity was just too much for her.”

Vodka maker calls Trump a hypocrite
When billionaire boss Donald Trump gave reality TV star Khloe Kardashian the boot on “Celebrity Apprentice,” he pinned the dismissal on her 2008 DUI conviction rather than her boardroom behavior. Now, another businessman calls Trump’s moral move a hypocritical gesture.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” Georgi Vodka owner Marin Silver told the New York Post’s Page Six. Given the fact that Trump is in the booze biz, too, Silver expected more of an understanding attitude. “If you sell spirits, why would you fire somebody who could have been a customer of Trump Vodka the night she was pulled over?”

In true Trump fashion, The Donald didn’t let the dig get him down.

“(Silver’s comment) is a great compliment to me,” he told the paper. “It just shows how well Trump Vodka is doing. In fact, it is setting records.”

Dish on the fly
After a stuntwoman caught the business end of Wolverine’s metal talons on the set of the first “X-Men” movie, everyone’s favorite clawed character received a handy makeover. “I went to stab (Rebecca Romijn’s stunt double) in the arm, which was part of the choreography,” actor Hugh Jackman recalled in a quote posted to Digital Spy. But thanks to a miscue, the intended fake jab was all too real. While the stuntwoman considered it the stuff of bragging rights (“Yes! I have been stabbed by Wolverine!”), subsequent films, including the upcoming “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” feature similar looking but far safer claws. … Frequently embattled singer Amy Winehouse has a new affliction, according to the British edition of OK! magazine. This time, it’s baby fever. Seems the 25-year-old has her heart set on adopting an infant from her favorite vacation spot in the Caribbean. “Amy is seriously thinking about adopting,” a source revealed. “But she is aware it's going to be incredibly difficult with her background. She has always wanted to be a mother. She loves St. Lucia and would move there for good in order to adopt.” A rep for the singer denies the story, insisting it’s based on a simple misunderstanding. “Amy was talking about adopting in the context of looking after children on the island, perhaps through some kind of music and education-based project,” the rep said. Whew!

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