Swedish Columbia Multi-EP Release at Red Lounge Friday

Swedish Columbia Multi-EP Release @ Red Lounge Friday was originally published on Black Plastic Bag on Feb. 05, 2009, at 3:19 pm

A lot of DJs tend to dwell on the recent past. They dig through thrift store crates to search out obscure 12″s, beloved Paradise Garage sides, and forgotten music of the late ’70s. But the guys running Swedish Columbia are more concerned with the dance music. And by future, they do not mean tomorrow, or even next year. No, they seem to mean the distant future.

Swedish Columbia, a label founded by DC resident Shelby Cinca (formerly of Frodus, currently of The Cassettes) and Gothenberg friend Håkan Johansson, will be celebrating the release of three new EPs this Friday at Red Lounge, as part of the Marqui dance night and each record seems to have some sort of connection to unknowable far away times.

Producer/soundman Jonathan Kreinik’s offers Return to Precinct 13–a soundtrack for a non-existent sequel to John Carpenter’s 1976 classic Assault on Precinct 13 . Then there’s Triobelisk’s (Shelby Cinca) 1, a UFO opera laid out in the sonic language of 8-bit video games. Finally Outputmessage’s Resurface Remixed EP, which is glitchy enough to evoke both Skynet-style computer-dystopia.

All three artists will be appearing for the DJ night.

Marquis: Swedish Columbia CD Release Party
Jonathan Kreinik, Triobelisk, Outputmessage, Micah Vellian
Fri., 2/6 @ Red Lounge
2013 14th St. NW
Free before ten/$5

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