Sticky Rice Adds Lunch, Brunch

The Atlas District sushi bar adds to the menu. Time to book an extra-long lunch break.

Sick of the ridic wait at Sticky Rice most nights? Now the sushi bar -- which also serves tater tots, so we automatically love it -- is serving lunch daily, and brunch on the weekends. (Warning: We really can't recommend sushi as a Sunday morning hangover cure.)

The midday hours are 11 a.m.-3 p.m., whether it's brunch or lunch. Something told us this was just semantics 'til we realized there are, in fact, separate brunch and lunch menus. The politically incorrect yet very popular "Godzirra roll" isn't available at lunch, but there are plenty of other yummies, such as lettuce wraps, salads, ribs, and The Dirty Vegan (noodles with peanut sauce, if you must know). Brunch includes the intriguingly greasy Waffles & Wings.

And we may have to take back the allegation that you won't find a hangover cure here. Because Sticky Rice's brunch menu includes... a bacon martini. How could you possibly go wrong with that?

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