Sexiest Surgeon General Alive

What America needs now is a telegenic doctor

In recent memory, our nation's Surgeons General have ranged from a bearded anti-cigarette crusader to a staunch masturbation advocate. Who will be the latest to join their noble ranks? How about a handsome young TV doctor who is also a "real" doctor, the man behind the hit documentary "Danger: Poisoned Food," and one of PEOPLE magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2003? Because maybe a Surgeon General with absolutely no background in public health is just what the doctor ordered, yuk yuk.

This guy, Sanjay Gupta, talks on CNN about thyroid pills, and sometimes he flies to Iraq to perform brain surgery on kids. Mostly, though, he makes insane piles of cash as both a TV personality and the associate chief of neurosurgery at a downtown Atlanta hospital. Barack Obama has reportedly approached him about being the TV doctor for all of America, which is to say, the Surgeon General.

So why Dr. Gupta? Well, first off, he walked on shards of glass once:

In 2004, in a show titled "Life Beyond Limits," the television doctor walked on glass shards.

"I couldn't bring myself to jump," he said on air, "but at least we both walked away without a scratch."

Did C. Everett Koop ever walk on glass shards on television? Did he even try?

In addition, Dr. Gupta has proved he has the mettle to speak difficult truths to the American public, such as the fact that obesity is bad, and eating constantly while refusing to leave the couch may result in weight gain.

While Sanjay Gupta is not quite as sexy a brain surgeon as that other TV brain surgeon, he has the advantage of being real, which is presumably why he got the nod from Obama.

Sara K. Smith also writes for Wonkette.

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