Rodriguez: Washington City Paper Will Survive

Rodriguez: Washington City Paper Will Survive was originally published on City Desk on Feb. 12, 2009, at 11:47 am

That’s Rick Rodriguez, for all you morons who don’t recognize the leading lights in the world of journalism. Rick Rodriguez is a journalism professor at Arizona State University and former executive editor of the Sacramento Bee.

Such credentials have landed Rodriguez a spot on the roster of experts discussing the future–or lack thereof–for newspapers on the New York Times. Web site

Rodriguez predicts a time of turmoil in the world of local news coverage, with dailies cutting coverage or folding and new competitors trying to fill the void. “For a while it’ll be the Wild West in terms of journalistic standards, the rise and fall of old and new enterprises and an endless pursuit of new business models.”

But he’s got good news for papers like this one: “Among the best bets for adhering to traditional journalistic standards will be smaller, already-established newspapers that can expand their local influence. Alternative weeklies and ethnic media mostly will survive, and possibly even thrive by specializing in coverage of fields like entertainment or local politics.”

Is Rodriguez keeping up on our bankruptcy?

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