Political Efforts Make Obama Birthday Parties Less Fun

Are they still going to get to play Hide & Seek after the cake?

Let's consider birthday parties: Cake, presents, funny hats if you're under a certain age, and free-flowing booze otherwise. (And if there's enough free-flowing booze, maybe you can also wear funny hats anyway, but that's neither here nor there right now.)

But nowhere in there did we mention making calls to mobilize voters.

That's what Obama supporters are doing all across the country, though -- although at least some of them are having cake. From the "Phone Calls for Barack's Birthday" event to the, well, "Presudet Birthday Celebration," grassroots events are being held in dozens of locations, including at least seven inside the Beltway. (Find events here.)

"On August 4 President Obama turns 49, and [Organizing for America] supporters across the country are sharing in the fun," says the official website, with the goal getting more first-time '08 voters back to the polls in 2010.

While there are lots of pressing issues regarding this fall's mid-term election, the question on our minds right now is: Will Obama's official birthday cake be less ugly than last year?

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