Women Have More Orgasms with Wealthy Men: Study

Apparently, size does matter.

The number of orgasms a woman has depends on how big her lover's wallet is, a new study found.

The controversial research suggests that women are evolutionarily programmed to be "gold-diggers" and select men with whom to procreate based on their wealth, the Times of London reported.

"Women's orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner," Dr. Thomas Pollet of Newcastle University told the Times UK.

Dr. Pollet, the psychologist who created the study, said the phenomenon is an "evolutionary adaptation" and although body symmetry and attractiveness also played a role in orgasm frequency, money mattered the most.

The data was culled from the results of one of the world's biggest lifestyle studies, which took place in China and involved garnering detailed responses from 5,000 people on their sex lives, income and other factors.  Previous research in Germany and America also suggest money is linked to orgasm frequency.

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