Elvis, Marilyn's Possessions Hit the Auction Block

Empty pill bottles and alcohol receipts owned by the stars are up for sale

Entertainment icons Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley passed on a long time ago, but you can still pay absurd money to own trivial items that were once in their proximity.

Personal possessions owned by the late Monroe and Presley, including Presley's empty pill bottles and Monroe's receipts for alcohol, will hit the auction block in June in Las Vegas, the BBC reported.

Rabid fans eager to get near a piece of the stars' lives can cough up the cash to take home a few bricks from Monroe's home or Elvis' doctor's leather bag.

Discarded liquor receipts, Presley's empty prescription pill bottles and checks signed by Monroe will also be on the block.

Serious bidders with bigger budgets can take home legitimate collectibles like Monroe's fur stole or her white terrycloth bathrobe, which is expected to fetch about $6,000. Monroe's umbrella could cost bidders a pricey $16,000, while a stone ring owned by Elvis could rake in upwards of $20,000 in the sale.

The auction, which will also feature possessions owned by a host of other Hollywood celebrities, will take place in Vegas on June 26 and 27.

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