José Andrés Dines at Monica Bhide's

Yesterday, local cookbook author Monica Bhide shared a story that made us green with envy. She recently had celebrity chef and tapas pioneer José Andrés, his wife, and three children over for a several-course Indian dinner. All cooked by her, of course.

Nervous doesn't even begin to cover how Bhide felt, she writes. "How does one cook for the best chef in the world? And get away with it?"

Pre-dinner jitters included buying chicken three times and then throwing it away ("It just didn’t look or smell or feel right"), frantically running around to buy organic tomatoes, and calling up a near-stranger to borrow some kokum, a sour fruit that sent Bhide into a panic when she realized she didn't have time to find it in a store.

By the looks of it, not only did she get away with the dinner, but she managed to impress Andrés. For those of you not lucky enough to snag an invite to Bhide's (that includes us, sadly), check out the eateries on our Feast List: Best Indian.

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