It's True: Paris Hilton Really Is Running for Fake President

Gets advice from America's greatest fake president, Martin Sheen

Once again, the geniuses at Funny or Die have roped in Paris Hilton for a political comedy sketch. They have the party girl stepping into her kitchen to have a heart to heart with Martin Sheen, the fake president from The West Wing. She asks him for advice in her own fake campaign for the presidency. "This is the biggest depression since The Notebook!" she observes. "Being a fake president is a lot harder today than when I was a fake president," Sheen warns. Paris spouts some wise-seeming fake views on the economy, and then tells Sheen that "America was at its best when it was on NBC." (So true. And it's at its most terrifying on Fox!) "Wait till it's on MTV!" cracks Sheen, showing how truly out of touch he is, because, duh, the gut-wrenching awfulness of our country is already at its most honest in MTV reality-show programming. Anyway, the best bit is the Charlie Sheen cameo at the end, during which he basically tells his dad he's going to go bang a bunch of hookers. God bless America!

Paris Hilton Gets Presidential With Charlie Sheen [Funny or Die]

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