Hugh Hefner's Sons: Daddy Can't Dance

These kids today.

Hugh Hefner's teenage sons are making fun of their famously erogenous dad in the latest issue of his own magazine.

No respect.

They let the world in on the fact that their father, who is known for a wandering eye and straying hands, is all thumbs when it comes to dancing.

"He is cool out there because his moves are so uncool," said Marston, 18. "That dance of his could be trend-setting.  It’s amazing!  He’s a disco inferno from another planet.” 

Cooper, who is a year younger, described his libidinous octogenarian father's gyrating as "It’s not about moving to the rhythm but more like ‘Oh?  What am I doing here?  Who are you, young lady?’"

The old man may be confused but he still gets his.

"All these girls [are] on both sides are freaking on him," said Cooper. "It should be awkward, but it isn’t for him.  It sort of works.  Nobody alive can dance like him.”

Both sons also talk about growing up Hefner, being in the Gotto and losing their virginity, which may or may not be unrelated, in the 20 Questions section of the January issue of Playboy magazine.

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