Facebook Officially No Longer Cool

Move over, youngsters -- your mom wants a crack at this "MyFace" thing

Well, kids, you've had your fun! First you had your MySpace, which several years ago featured hip hipsters and nifty bands until roving hordes of tattooed illiterates infiltrated the site and turned into the online equivalent of a cheap regional mall: Tacky, deserted and populated only by Hot Topic patrons with infected eyebrow piercings.

You trend-setters moved on to Facebook, with your "friends" and your "walls" and weird Burger King campaigns, and adults left you alone for a while because the settings were just too complicated to figure out.

Well, the grownups have finally figured out Facebook, just like they figured out Twitter, and now they have ruined it for everyone:

Facebook's popularity is growing most quickly among women older than 55, according to a site called Inside Facebook, which tracks Facebook's growth.

There are now about 1.5 million female users older than 55 on the site, the group says -- roughly a 550 percent increase over six months ago. By comparison, membership among people younger than 25 grew by less than 20 percent over the same period, Inside Facebook says.

So basically, youngsters have abandoned the social media giant known as Facebook and will find some baffling new website to feed their insatiable exhibitionist impulses. Meanwhile, Facebook will morph into a fun place for the class of '67 to plan their reunion and discuss who loves the Beatles the most. This change occurs not a moment too soon: Boomers might not be very cool any more, but they are numerous and they love to talk about themselves. Facebook will do very well, for a very long time.

Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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