Counter Intelligence: Astros Beam Up Latest “Star Trek”

Find out how NASA astronauts had the best seat in the house for the "Star Trek" flick and check out our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

  • NASA astronauts had the best seat in the house to watch the new Star Trek flick: Space. NASA spent five hours reformatting the movie so that it could be transmitted from Mission Control to the International Space Station. American astronaut Michael Barratt, a true Trekkie, reportedly made the request.
  • Entrepreneur Richard Branson plans to open an Internet bank through subsidiary Virgin Money. The billionaire founder of Virgin Group plans to to capitalize on public outrage over Britain's banking system and will take deposits and offer mortgages.
  • The White House receptionist has to greet just about every visitor who has an appointment with the president or his top advisors. She's charged with the responsibility of making coffee for and small talk with world leaders and celebrities alike. Known as "ROTUS" to the president, Darienne Page, 27, makes $36,000 a year as the receptionist at1600 Pennsylvania Ave. -- a job she landed after volunteering with the Obama campaign in Chicago.
  • Things cost more the poorer you are. More than 37 million live below the poverty line -- and they spend more in time and money than their middle class counterparts on groceries, laundry and finances.
  • Studies show that happiness is partially inherited, that Republicans are happier than Democrats and that old men are happier than their female counterparts. Republicans aren't just happier than Dems because they tend to have more money either -- the study showed that it was true even after it was income adjusted.
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