Blaine Still Alive, Spectators Nearly Bored to Death

Stuntster only object of suspense in Central Park

Street magician David Blaine continues to amaze bystanders who stop to gawk at his incredibly mundane feats of endurance.

He's currently suspended upside down in Manhattan's Central Park, where he is attempting to hang for 60 hours without experiencing  a stroke or bleeding out of his ears. Approximately 24 hours into his stunt Tuesday morning, the magician appeared cogent and healthy, although his doctors feared for his safety and wished that he would come down from his inverted perch. Some MDs fear that hanging upside down for such an extended period of time could cause blindness.

Blaine's been training for his topsy-turvy marathon for several months––in part by boozing it up at NYC hotspot 230 Fifth, where he stormed out in a huff after management refused to comp him and his friends a bottle of alcohol.

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