Russian Caps Party Like Stanley Cup Champs

Semin in paradise at Russian club

Russian club "The Paradise" hosted a party in honor of Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin, but it was the other great Russian Alexander -- Semin -- who looked like he was in Eden with a couple of blonde Eves crawling all over him.

The blog Alex Ovetjkin posted photos from the party, and the first shows one lovely blonde draped over Semin and another leaning in, as if he was the two-time defending NHL MVP.

Ex-Caps forward Sergei Fedorov -- who will play professionally in Russia next season -- also was at the party and was photographed with a young blonde that Alex Ovetjkin compared to his ex: former tennis star and model Anna Kournikova.

Ovie seems pretty tame throughout the gallery. He toasts and greets and, in one shot, seems to be having a little trouble with his zipper.

A clip of him doing a little hype boy dance in the DJ booth proved painful to watch, though.

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