Redskins Need “No Win, No Twitter” Policy

The Redskins are on a losing streak, and it seems that those losses need to come with a strict “no win, no Twitter” policy.

Fred Davis took exception to the criticism of his “was it or wasn’t it” fumble and used his 140 characters to defend himself.

Former D.C. mayor Marion Barry compared the Redskins to Jesus, although this season has given no indication that God is a Redskins fan.

But perhaps the most ill-advised Twitter episode came from Jabar Gaffney who, clearly upset about the Redskins overtime loss, responded to a jeering Dallas fan.

His first mistake was taking the bait and engaging in a war of words with a Cowboys fan. His second mistake was telling said Cowboys fan to kill himself.


Gaffney deleted those tweets, leaving a re-tweet of a Redskins fan agreeing with the sentiment as the only remnant of the episode on his feed.

You'd think that after that debacle, Jabar would leave well enough alone. You'd be wrong.

On Monday afternoon, Gaffney felt the need to get one more word in.

No, Jabar. That is most certainly not better.

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