Metropolitan Police Department (DC Police / MPD)

Woman Shot While Riding in Car on I-295 in Southeast DC

A woman riding in a car along I-295 early Monday was targeted in a possible road rage incident and shot three times, police say. 

The woman was riding northbound near Malcolm X Avenue SE in a car with a male driver about 1 a.m. when they noticed a silver sedan speeding, according to a police report.

The woman told police that the driver of the sedan cut off the victims' car and then drove up next to them and fired a black handgun. Police said the woman was hit in the arm, chest and neck.

The driver called 911 and rushed the woman to a hospital. The suspect sped off.

It wasn't immediately clear if police believe she was the intended target. 

Police said they're looking for a man driving a dark blue sedan.

The woman reported seeing a man with a light complexion, but her companion reported a man with a medium complexion and a mustache.

Police said they were unable to find a crime scene, but found signs of gunfire on the car.

It was a violent weekend in D.C., with a fifth person killed this year so far. One victim was found stabbed in an apartment building on Wisconsin Avenue, near the Washington National Cathedral

D.C. police initially said the woman was driving. She was a passenger.

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