Who's Afraid of a Terrapin?

UMD VP: "Fear the Turtle" won't go away

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Despite a Diamondback report that may have caused panic among Terrapins past and present, the University of Maryland will not junk its "Fear the Turtle" slogan.

Thank God. "Fear the Turtle" IS the university, at least as far as the athletic department goes. It's a fun phrase creating tongue-in-cheek chest puffing. C'mon, no one's feared a turtle since the hare.

The school is spending more than $1 million over three years to come up with a new image, and while that could include new slogans, it won't include getting rid of "Fear the Turtle," Vice President for University Relations Brodie Remington said.

The real story is that waste of a million bucks. Doesn't the school have communications, writing or advertising-related classes that they can milk for ideas while making money, rather than spending?

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