Virginia Man Dead in Atlantic City

Alexandria man dies mysteriously in one of his favorite vacation spots

Atlantic City Police have a mystery on their hands. Early Thursday morning, they found a Virginia man's body on the beach; now they're trying to figure out how he died -- and who might be responsible.

Family members describe 25-year-old Antwone Robbins as a loving son and brother, with a big smile, and a big heart. He worked as a service desk supervisor at the Home Depot in Hybla Valley. His manager described him as a leader and a  "fantastic young man."

Robbins loved Atlantic City. His family says it was one of his favorite vacation spots. "He goes, he likes to play at the casino, and he comes back home. He's done it before with his friends, this time he traveled alone," Robbins' sister Stacey Edwards said.

He told his family he was headed up to Atlantic City for one night; now his family wonders if his love cost him his life. Robbins was found on the beach near the famous boardwalk in Atlantic City. An autopsy revealed a bullet wound to his head and water in his lungs. Police told the family his wallet and cell phone were found with his body.

Robbins' family believes he may have been targeted by robbers, who might have thought he'd won big at the gambling tables. No matter what led to his death, they say they need to know the truth. "That's it, answers," Antwone's brother Abraham Robbins said; "because Antwone was alone when he died, and I know he was calling to us."

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