Bethesda Company Has No-Limit Vacation Policy

Maryland company offers employees unlimited vacation

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Imagine this, when you’re carefully plotting out when to use your precious vacation days next year: what if you could take as much time off from work as you’d like?

You don’t have to imagine it, if you work for WeddingWire. The Maryland-based company is now offering its employees unlimited vacation time.

The company claims it has no problem giving its workers plenty of time off, as long as they do their work and meet their job goals.

“We just want you to do your job,” Jennifer Harding, WeddingWire’s director of human resources, told The Washington Post. “If you can do that, why limit the amount of vacation you can’t take?”

Does the deal sound too good to be true? The Bethesda-based company is actually afraid of that. In fact, it’s making sure employees don’t think this policy is some manipulative way to keep them from taking no vacation at all.

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