Morning Read: Mayor Gray To Release Campaign Finance Reform Plan Today

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is expected to release his campaign finance reform plan Tuesday, months after federal authorities first alleged that an-off-the books shadow campaign helped Gray get elected.

Administration officials familiar with the plan told The Washington Examiner the reform package would be similar to the reforms D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan suggested in June, which include limiting contributions from people seeking to do business with the city, imposing new restrictions on money order donations and enhancing disclosure rules.

Gray’s announcement comes one week before Thomas Gore, the assistant treasurer in Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign, is scheduled to appear in federal court again for a status hearing.

In other Vincent Gray 2010 mayoral race news, Loose Lips reports that it received some internal documents from the campaign that show not even Gray's aides were expecting the high levels of support he received at the polls in some parts of the District.

The campaign set a goal of winning 32,701 votes in Wards 5, 7, and 8, but Gray actually won 39,180 votes in those wards, surpassing his organization's goal by 17 percent, according to Loose Lips.

It is unclear if the figures were a result of bad projections, a shadow effort, or something else. But Loose Lips suggested that the fact that the campaign projections appeared to low ball the support Gray would get, could actually back up Gray’s insistence that he and his organization didn’t know anything about the shadow campaign.

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* The Maryland delegation is roomies with anti-tax king Grover Norquist in Tampa.

* Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley is going into enemy territory this week. He is scheduled to go to Tampa Thursday to play foil to the GOP.

* Rep. Roscoe Bartlett is one of 20 Republicans being targeted with automated phone calls by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committe. The call attempts to link him to Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri—the man behind the incendiary “legitimate rape” comment.

* The eternal question: What does the future hold for Gov. Bob McDonnell?

* McDonnell predicted a win for both Mitt Romney and Republican Senate candidate George Allen in Virginia at a forum hosted by Politico.

* Polling shows that the Virginia gubernatorial race could swing either way at this point, unless, of course, Sen. Mark Warner were to enter the race. If he did, he’d be the overwhelming favorite.

* D.C. Public School Chancellor Kaya Henderson made the rounds on the opening day of school Monday and said that by December or January she'd like to decide which schools are slated for closure; those with fewer than 300 students could be consolidated with other schools.

* The city can continue installing its new “smart meter” system in D.C. taxicabs for now, a Superior Court judge ruled Monday.

* Alexandria is getting 8 Capital Bikeshare stations.

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