Manassas Man Charged With Asking Kids For Nude Photos Online

Virginia State Police are warning parents about 33-year-old Manasass man accused of finding children online and asking for nude photos.

Schuyler Stuart Corado Corado is accused of using popular social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Musical.ly and TikTok to find his victims.

A tip received in February sparked a police investigation that police say revealed hundreds of screen shots featuring child porn and correspondence with juveniles.

Police say Corado establishes a friendship with kids between the age of 10 and 13, then asks them to send him nude photos.

Investigators are working to identifying additional victims after finding hundreds of screen shots featuring child porn.

Police say he goes by the name of Tony Corado on social media and has used these usernames: "kristianna1758," "Tony10256," "Wintergreen109," "Addiction.slime," "tony2590," and "anniefanclub075."

Corado was arrested Friday on 12 felony charges, including child pornography and solicitation of a minor under 15.

Police are concerned there may be victims that have not yet come forward. Anyone with information is asked to contact Virginia State Police Special Agent Bullock at 571-581-4420 or michael.bullock@vsp.virginia.gov.

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