Local Leads: 8/28/09

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Caisha Wantz always had help when she looked at her home computer. Zoey, her purebred teacup Chihuahua, would sit on her lap and watch the screen as she clicked from site to site. The dog, who was 1 1 Ú2 years old, would also sit on her feet when she was in the bathroom and jump in her purse for shopping trips. Zoey was a gift to Wantz from her husband, Tim, who was trying to cheer her up while she was going through some difficult personal times in early February 2008.  "I found a lot of comfort in her," she said. "She went everywhere with me." The Wantzes continue to mourn the loss of Zoey, who disappeared June 19. A man who had argued with the couple that day later confessed to taking the 4-pound dog and throwing her over the Catoctin Creek Bridge on Md. 464. (Frederick News Post)

Tamara Darvish has faith in Uncle Sam.  Darvish is vice president of Darcars Automotive Group of Silver Spring, whose dealerships have sold more than 1,500 vehicles through the federal government's Cash for Clunkers program, which ended this week after about a month. But reimbursement from the government has been slow. (Gazette)

Virginia and Maryland are among the states that will receive stimulus funds for propane fueling stations and converting fleets of taxis, town cars and vans from conventional gasoline to propane AutoGas. The $29 million project will create a southeast AutoGas corridor by converting more than 1,000 vehicles to propane AutoGas Hybrids and creating 17 fueling stations along major roadways in the region. (Washington Business Journal)

A Herndon woman who worked at Dulles Airport for United Airlines was arrested and accused of stealing laptop computers, cell phones, cameras, jewelry, artwork and other items from travelers over the last five years on Aug. 13.  The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department has recovered hundreds of items in connection with a theft case at Washington Dulles International Airport.  Airports Authority Police recovered these items on Aug. 13, after serving a search warrant at a home in Herndon. Police subsequently charged Maria Emilia Ramirez Rodriguez, 58, with two counts of grand larceny. (Fairfax Times)

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission officials are halting their search for the inspection records detailing a faulty pipe installation that may have led to a water main break on River Road in Bethesda, Md. back in December. The records are believed to have been trashed earlier this year. Now, after a three month search for them, WSSC says continuing the search would be impractical.  (Washington Post)

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