Daily Show Gets Preachy over Obamas' Church

Decision has yet to be made, but churches weigh in

So where will the Obamas attend church in D.C.?

Once the decision on a school for the Obama daughters was made, the thinking was that a church would follow soon after.   But it hasn't worked out that way.

It's not for a lack of effort on the churches' parts.  Some have been pitching the new president and his family since Election Night.

The National United Church of Christ in Northwest extended an invitation to the Obama family in the second week of November. Other pitches have been from Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Episcopal establishments.

Recently the Obamas visited the 19th Street Baptist Church, perhaps making it a frontrunner.

But leave it up to The Daily Show to get the real scoop on where the Obamas will pray.

Watch the video below...

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Thanks to a few local blogs for pointing this one out!

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