Clinton Campaigns for McAuliffe, in Virginia

Why? Because he has to! Also, because Terry McAuliffe will 'create jobs'!

Former President Bill Clinton brought his "famous name" to Virginia Monday to campaign for his good friend, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. The two go way back, way way way back, perhaps even a whole 15 years, when they figured they could help each other raise money for various political campaigns and mansions.

The McAuliffe campaign hoped to use Clinton to attract "rural" voters, meaning any voter who is not from Fairfax or Loudoun County, where the only Virginians who actually like Terry McAuliffe are from. McAuliffe, however, is still about five-times richer than the other candidates, even though all of that money is from such New York City fat cats as Bill Clinton.

In the tiny backwoods enclave of "Richmond," Clinton was greeted by a whopping crowd of... 400.

"Look, everyone knows he is one of my closest friends," Clinton told the crowd of about 400 people. "So look, I'd be here regardless. Everyone knows that. The press says, 'Oh well, Terry McAuliffe has raised million of dollars for Bill Clinton. He has to show up.' And that's absolutely true. . . . But here's what I want to tell you. I am here today for reasons that go way, way beyond that."

The reasons? "Clinton told the crowd he expects his friend to create jobs just as Clinton himself did when he served as Arkansas governor and then as president."

See that Virginia? You could be Terry McAuliffe's stepping stone!

The YouTubes, however, do not appear to be happy about the Clinton-McAuliffe connection, or something. This must be be the work of that "Creigh Deeds" scoundrel!

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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