No Butts About It

It's time for the Great American Smokeout! Take the challenge and cut your butt habit.


  • Smoking has a huge impact on your health. Quitting can help you reverse the ill effects smoking has on you. In just a single day, you can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and carbon monoxide levels.
  • Need another reason? How about not watching your money go up in smoke? If you smoke 12 cigarettes a day at $6 per pack, then you're spending more than $1,200 a year on smoking. Figure out how much you're spending using the American Cancer Society's calculator.
  • You're still looking for more reasons? You are stubborn! Fine. How about having a life? By quitting longterm, you reduce your risk for stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer.


  • First, you need to make the decision to quit and set a date. (No time like the present!)
  • Next you need to be prepared for withdrawal. Simple tricks like chewing gum and rewarding yourself for success can help you get through the rough patches.
  • Get more tips here.


  • You! Do it for yourself!
  • (But if it helps, quitting is good for your loved ones, too.)

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