This Band's Got Legs

ZZ Top has scheduled two nights at Nightclub 9:30 for September.

The legendary blues rockers will play for crowds tiny relative to their fame and following on Sept. 13 and Sept. 14. Get your tix now!

Don't go for their '80s hits featuring hot girls and hot rods. Hipsters may scoff -- or ironically laud -- while fellow snobs may criticize for the same-soundingness of those songs, but you can't deny that at least "Legs" is an infectious churn the likes of which most bands steeped in dance rock will never achieve.

Do go for the trio's brilliant '70s Texas blues. Their third LP, 1973's "Tres Hombres," is a masterpiece. It's most recognizable song -- the John Lee Hooker pilfering "La Grange" -- is the worst on the record, while songs like "Jesus Just Left Chicago" and "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" are brilliant dusty boogie-and-blooze classics.

Billy, Dusty and Frank were playing to much larger audiences then, don't miss the chance to catch them in this relatively intimate setting, now.

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