Second Career for Bankers: Spying

Enjoy romantic adventures inspecting spreadsheets for Uncle Sam

Who says that bankers and financiers can't find meaningful employment outside of gambling away enormous amounts of make-believe money? A whole new world of job opportunities awaits the savvy former investor, in the form of government work.

Sure, toiling for Uncle Sam has its drawbacks -- namely, the relatively miniscule paychecks -- but on the plus side, it is pretty much impossible to get fired, and you get lots of paid holidays.

Just take a look at these hot agencies hiring now:

An FBI recruiter said at a recent job fair in New York, “We are investigating guys like Bernie Madoff, cases involving securities fraud, banking fraud, mortgage fraud.” It's basically the next best thing to actually perpetrating these delightful kinds of fraud!

And depending on the department you end up working for, you might actually do good while doing (relatively) well. The CIA needs people to track the finances of Afghan drug dealers, for example, which can't be all that different from finding legal tax shelters for wealthy Americans.

The government does not award huge bonuses, nor does it encourage excessive risk-taking. But unlike many financial industry workers' former employers, it's still relatively solvent ... for now.

Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette while she awaits her interview with a top-secret government agency.

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