Octo-Mom Could Lose Home

Octo-mom and her 14 kids could soon be homeless.

The house in which octuplet mom Nadya Suleman is already raising her other six children and will eventually bring her eight new children is in mortgage default, with the bank reporting that the family is $23,224 behind on payments, according to documents released Wednesday.

According to a "Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust" obtained by TMZ.com, the Whittier home owned by Suleman's mother, Angela, could go on the auction block by the end of the year.

According to the documents, Angela Suleman has made no payments on the house since last May.

Angela bought the home in March 2006 for $605,000, the New York Daily News reported. Her mortgage is $435,750.

The documents, which are dated last Thursday, raise the possibility that the family could be forced out of the home unless they pay off the outstanding balance.

Nadya Suleman, 33, gave birth to the octuplets -- six boys and two girls -- by Caesarian section on Jan. 26, nine-and-a-half weeks premature. The infants remain hospitalized at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Bellflower.

The case has raised questions about medical and reproductive ethics, as well as the mother's ability to care for 14 children. Suleman, who is unmarried, unemployed and has no source of income, insisted in an interview with NBC that she would easily be able to afford the child care once she finished school, although she reportedly owes $50,000 in school loans.

The Los Angeles Times reported that even before she gave birth to the octuplets, Suleman was receiving $490 in monthly food stamps, and three of her children were receiving federal supplemental security income because they are disabled.

The octuplets' grandmother said she devotes her monthly retirement check to helping support the kids.

"[The retirement check] goes every month," she told the "Early Show" on Feb. 16. "It's just gone. "

Meanwhile, the Medical Board of California is investigating the propriety of the fertility treatment Suleman received from Dr. Michael Kamrava.

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