Lil' Kim Caught Driving “Stolen” Bentley

A music producer gave the rapper the car instead of turning it in to the leasing company it belonged to

Lil' Kim has had her share of embarrassing moments but this one really isn't her fault.

The rapper, who has already served time for not snitching, was unknowingly driving a stolen Bentley for months before it was taken from her New Jersey home last year, according to

Lil' Kim claims the silver Bentley was a gift from music producer Scott Storch, but the Repo man wasn't trying to hear that sob story when they towed it away.

Turns out, Storch had stopped making payments on the expensive car and decided to give it to Kim instead of returning it to the Broward leasing company he got it from. The lease was for $85,000, according to the Sun-Sentinel, but the car was probably worth a lot more.

Bad move because now Storch is facing grand theft auto charges and is set to appear in court next month.

Meanwhile, Lil' Kim is trying to survive the next round of cuts on "Dancing With The Stars."

Word of advice for the sexy rapping felon: next time someone offers you an $85,000 gift, get a receipt.

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