Hell on Wheels

D.C. Rollergirls play hard, fight harder

More than 1,200 fans visited the D.C. Armory on Halloween to cheer on the D.C. Rollergirls at their Night of the Living Ghouls. They're fierce fighters in short shorts, helmets, kneepads and skates, offering fans a "rough-and-tumble good time."

Within the past few years, D.C.'s women's flat-track derby has gained momentum recruiting "fresh meat." Roller derby is not just a hit among Washingtonian women, either. The Women's Flat Track Derby Association reports the sport has grown to 400 leagues nationwide. That includes the Charm City Rollergirls, a four-team league, in Baltimore.

The D.C. Rollergirls' bouts and merch sales have helped secure practice space at the Armory for the past year. And bouts for 2010 have already been scheduled on their home turf. Not bad, for a group consisting of all volunteers. Plus, the Rollergirls are completely nonprofit -- so no matter how many fans Lenore Gore or Guantanamo Babe gather to watch a booty move, they're doing it solely for the delightful insanity of the game.

The league's three teams -- Scare Force One, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and the D.C. DemonCats -- are always looking for new "locker meat." Check 'em out at www.dcrollergirls.com.

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