Cost of a D.C. Cab Ride Could Go Up

Taxi task force makes recommendations

The cost of a D.C. cab ride could increase if a task force's recommendations are approved.

The task force released its report Friday and concluded that the current $1.50-per-mile rate be increased to "at least" $2 and that the $15-per-hour wait charge should be raised to $24, according to the Washington Examiner.  The task force also recommended the elimination of the $1 fuel surcharge put in place when gas prices were near their peak.

The report also recommended eliminating the $19 cap on all rides that start and end in the District.

The task force said that the District's current $3 fee paid at the start of a cab ride is one of the nation's highest, but the current $1.50 charge per mile is one of the lowest, the Examiner reported.

The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission could approve the task force's recommendations when it meets again in January.

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