Weis Is Still Calling Plays

Last week, Notre Dame played in one of the more entertaining fourth quarters we've ever seen. Navy, trailing by a seemingly insurmountable lead, scored a touchdown, kicked onside, recovered, scored a touchdown, kicked onside, recovered, and ... then lost. Notre Dame escaped. But fourth quarters don't get much more entertaining than that.

Without those freak circumstances, it's possible Charlie Weis would be under less fire than he is this week, because until then the Notre Dame coach had a pretty solid win on his hands. What's more, last week was the first time Weis resumed play-calling duties for ND, and the transition seemed to be a net gain, but it was also a transition brought on by the supposed personal issues of offensive coordinator Mike Haywood.

Now, Weis' play-calling duties are continuing, but with little explanation as to the former offensive coordinator's whereabouts:

With Weis announcing Haywood would miss one or two practices this week for "personal reasons"—and with Haywood declining to meet with the media after practice Tuesday—speculation swirled about Haywood's future. Realistically, that began as soon as Weis assumed play-calling duties for the Navy game. Haywood's absence this week is not family-related, as it was said to be last week with a cousin's death, nor is it health-related.

"This is not like any friction with anyone," Weis said. "He has some things he needs to deal with and I'm supportive of that. He asked me to leave it at that."

Everyone who believes Mike Haywood still has personal issues, raise your hands? No one? Thought so.

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