Butler Does it as Wiz Top Pistons

Caron puts up 33 on Detroit

WASHINGTON  -- Caron Butler scored his expected 33 points, Juan Dixon added an unexpected 16, Darius Songaila got a surprising 15, and the Washington Wizards overcame a miserable start to rally for a 107-94 victory Tuesday night over the redesigned lineup of the Detroit Pistons.

After a lifeless 1 1/2 quarters in which the Wizards dug themselves a 17-point hole, they suddenly came to life to outscore the Pistons by 28 over the final 29 minutes.

Songaila, Dixon (season-high points, seven assists), Dominic McGuire (3-for-3, six points), Andray Blatche (eight points, five rebounds), and Nick Young (nine points) all provided inspired play off the bench, and all the Washington starters not named Butler combined to score only 15 points.

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