A Look Back At Conan's Funniest Bits

In honor of Conan O'Brien's final day as host of "Late Night," here at Access Hollywood we've compiled a list of our favorite bits from the past 13 years!

10) Actual Items - This skit, which is a parody of a bit Jay Leno does on "The Tonight Show," takes real newspaper ads and adds blatantly false text to it. One such example was a real estate listing with a new caption added to the photo claiming, "This Is The Room You Will Die In." Conan goes on to insist the ad is real, claiming it's impossible to make stuff like this up, when in fact it is obvious it is just that — made up.

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9) Invisible String Dance - Conan mimes 'strings' attached to his pockets, which when pulled makes the hip it's attached to move as well. More often then not, Conan would pull this stunt before the monologue as he waited for the applause to die down. In recent months, Stephan Colbert has claimed he stole the invisible strings from Conan in protest over O'Brien's departure from New York to Los Angeles. Once Conan learned of this, he called for a dance-off, which Colbert won once he tied Conan up with the invisible thread.

8) If They Mated - Capitalizing on the nations thirst for celebrity news, Conan would show two pictures of celebrities rumored to be dating and then he's show a composite of the two as if it were their offspring. Many of the parings would result in misshapen images, while the final pair of the bit would lead to an unaltered photo of a celebrity. For example, one pairing had Optimus Prime with Lord Voldemort, which resulted in an image of Michael Jackson. Check out some of the examples at NBC.com.

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7) Pimpbot 5000 - This audience favorite character was an amalgamation of a futuristic robot and a stereotypical pimp from the '70s. The robot, which speaks in rhyme, is known to say things like, "I got a diamond studded watch / new transistors in my crotch."

6) Horny Manatee - This character is nothing more then an abnormally large manatee, which, whenever seen on camera, takes a moment to pantomime rubbing its nipples, while the Divinyl's song "I Touch Myself" plays in the background. During the initial appearance of the Manatee Conan joked about there even being a Web site that viewers can go to, http://www.hornymanatee.com, which in fact did not exist. As it turned out, because Conan claimed it was there, NBC had to create the site in order to not be held liable for a false claim on the part of the host. Since then, it became a running joke on the show, as O'Brien occasionally updates the audience with the latest Horny Manatee happenings. One of the first appearances of the Manatee can be seen here.

5) Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a puppet voiced by comedian Robert Smigel whose appearances on Conan over the years lead to a modicum of crossover success and even an album release in 2003. The Dog, known for his catch phrase, "For me too poop on!" and his ability to insult anyone no matter the circumstances, also garnered notice due to his badgering of fans that were lined up weeks early for the release of the first Star Wars prequel, "The Phantom Menace".


4) Fake Celebrity Interviews - Through the use of the low-budget filming method known as Syncho-Vox, Conan was able to have any celebrity on his show he wanted - though not in person. An image of the guest would be placed on the big screen behind O'Brien, the lips of which would be replaced by those belonging to a member of his staff. Conan would then lead the guest down a meandering road of ridiculous questions about them, current topics, or whatever Conan felt like ribbing on that night.

3) Celebrity Secrets - Featuring celebrities and other notable personalities behind bars, this sketch featured someone unloading a variety of deep dark secrets that they have been keeping from the public their entire career. Highlights include Gwenyth Paltrow detailing how she kills a hobo before she starts work on a new film, Alex Trebek claiming to have a problem with "potent potables," and former Senator John McCain talking about his need to spoon while in the Navy.

2) In the Year 2000 - Wearing a necklace of large metallic bulbs while illuminated with a green light from above and a cheap flashlight from beneath his chin, Conan and that night's guest would deliver humorous anecdotes based on current events as if they were predictions of what will happen in the year 2000. Many guests have made notable appearances during the skit over the years, such as Tracey Morgan, Stephan Colbert and Sarah Silverman.

1) Masturbating Bear - It's a bear. It masturbates. A lot. And at the worse possible moments. Do we need to say more? Check out Carrie Fisher's heart felt plea to save the Bear from being frozen in carbonite due to O'Brien's move to "The Tonight Show," whose earlier time slot might make using the Masturbating Bear impossible.

See which, if any, of the above make the leap to the 11:35 timeslot when Conan returns to the airwaves on "The Tonight Show," on Monday June 1 from Universal City, Calif.

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