A Slip-Up at the White House

No intruders slipped inside the White House State Dinner Wednesday night, but there was a small slip outside on the North Portico steps.

Chief of Protocol of the United States Capricia Penevic Marshall took a seat as she tried walking down the steps to welcoming the arriving limo carrying Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife.

Marshall, wearing a lovely pink dress and some slick heels, recovered from the slip quite nicely. She bounced right back up and told the gawking press, "Don't take that picture!" President Barack Obama, who was standing on the red carpet with the first lady, reiterated her statement to the press. Michelle Obama, hearing all the cameras clicking, took it a step further: "Don't print that picture."

Well, the press took it. They printed it. And they published it on YouTube for all of us to see.

Who says the press does whatever the Obama administration wants?

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