50 Cent Gives His Right Arm for a Movie Role

50 cent removes his tattos

Once an essential part of his image, 50 Cent's tattoos are starting to vanish. The rapper has had the tattoos on his right arm removed recently to pursue his acting career. Considering the bank he's making in Hollywood these days, though, we can't really blame him. Hell, for a check with a couple commas in it, we'd remove tattoos, add 'em or even get 56 stars inked on our faces.

“I took some of the tattoos off because on the movie set; if we got a six o’clock call time, I have to be there two o’clock the night before,” said Fiddy. “I gotta go through four hours of makeup before we go ahead and play the role. So I just took it off my [right] arm.”

With his film credits piling up, it’s understandable why he decided time was more valuable than tattoos. 50 Cent has several roles in the works, including "13" with Mickey Rourke, "Jekyll and Hyde" with Forest Whitaker and his own movie "Before I Self Destruct."

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