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Finding a job is tough in this economy.  Here are some Web sites where you can find jobs (As the Internet is always changing, we cannot guarantee that all of these Web sites will continue to load):

DC-area jobs:

New video resume Web site:

How to apply for a civilian police position with the Marines: Click Here

City Job Fair resume posting site: Click Here

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Job Sites:

Jobs: Mid to Senior Level Tester-V-Tech Solutions: Email:

Jobs: Deputy Program Manager-V-Tech Solutions: Email

Jobs: Supervisory Procurement Analyst-Social Security Administration: Click Here

Jobs: Supervisory Contract Specialist-Social Security Administration: Click Here

Jobs: Grants Management Specialist-NIH: Click Here

Jobs: System Administrators, IT Engineers, System Integrators- General Dynamics: Click Here

Jobs: Sales, Business and Class A CDL Drivers-Interstate Relocation Services: Click Here

Jobs: Business Analyst-MedAssurant: Click Here

Jobs: Contracts Compliance Officer-DC Department of Health Care Finance: Click Here

Jobs: Marine Corps Systems Command: Click Here

Take a Webinar: Click Here  Use code NBC4 to get 35% Off.

Jobs: Job Training Camp: Click Here

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Jobs: MedAssurant IT Jobs: Click Here

Jobs: Smithsonian Security Guard: Click Here

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