NBC4-T44 Friday Fun: Show and Tell!

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Andrea Swalec — I kept and framed my pink, plastic Moroccan national ID card from the year I lived in Rabat, Morocco, on a Fulbright grant. The front is in French, the back is in Arabic, I’m 22 and my hair is short! Seeing it reminds me of how free I felt. That’s a little different from lockdown life now, but we’ll be back to living bigger lives in no time.
Rick Yarborough — My dad has always protected people. He served in the Navy for 20 years and then spent 20 years working as a sheriff’s deputy in Lexington County, SC. His sheriff’s badge is a reminder to me that helping others is always the right decision. He always wanted me to become a police officer. I tell him I’m hunting for the bad guys like he did. I just use a camera to find them instead of a gun.
Daniela Llargues — I have these 2 letters from my granddad to my grandma back in the 50s (before they got married). My grandmother gave them to me, when he passed away. He was a gentleman and such a good writer, also so in love ❤.
Matt Stabley — A shadow box of my paternal grandfather who died in WWII including his Purple Heart. I’m told I was his spitting image at the same age which is why his medals were given to me. Sharing for Memorial Day.
Donna Weston — I walked past this outside of the cruise ship art gallery on the way to dinner on my 60th birthday.  The text is a (reversed) line from the song “What a Wonderful World,” which my father used to sing with his band.  It was also the song for our father/daughter dance at my wedding.  Seeing this felt like a warm birthday hug from my dad in heaven.  So I bought it.
Doreen Gentzler — With help from a landscaper, we planted a bunch of perennials in our yard last spring. Now that we’re at home all the time, it’s making us really happy to watch all these new plants sprout and bloom!
Jackie Bradford — So whether my mom would admit to it or not… I was named after Jackie Kennedy (my brother's name is John... you can do the math). When I was thinking about buying my first piece of art, I came across this by Craig Alan. I love it… it reminds me of my mom and grace and all of that good stuff. I hope when this is all over everyone can come to my turret and have some good wine and enjoy Jackie(s).
Pamela Leahigh — On the fifth anniversary of Conan O’Brien’s hosting Late Night, Arch Campbell went to NYC and interviewed him. This was 1998. For some reason during the interview, Conan gave Arch a sombrero which he brought back to DC. Back then we had a silent auction in the first floor hallway each year to raise money for the Just for One scholarship. I usually offered up a batch of baked goods. Other people did lunches. Vance might have done a round of golf. Arch auctioned off the sombrero. Lucky for me, no one knew where it was from. I bid on it and ended up winning it. It has been kept on a high shelf in all my homes since then. Every time I see it, it makes me smile because it reminded me of Arch and Conan. No one is allowed to touch it unless they are very special. I knew how much Andrew admired Conan O’Brien so one time when he was over to have drinks and watch the sunset, I let him try it on. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. Now the sombrero makes me smile even more because it will always tie Andrew and Conan together. I think Andrew would really like that.
Melissa Mollet — Back when Melissa was dating her future husband, she bought him a piece of sports memorabilia: a ticket to the Thrilla in Manila. She got it for $8 on eBay — what a steal! She was proud of herself and was so excited to give it to him. When he looked at it, he said, “Melissa, the Thrilla in Manila was in the Philippines. This says Fort Wayne, Indiana.” It turns out that the ticket was for *a viewing event* of the Thrilla in Manila. He now keeps it in the man cave and it’s one of their favorite things in the house.
Caroline Tucker — This is not just any rock. It is a piece of the foundation of my grandmother’s childhood home in Niata, Greece. She died before I was born (giving birth to my mother). For my honeymoon, my husband and I traveled to the tiny Greek village in the Peloponnese. We tracked down some lost relatives through Google translate and some friendly Americans (who happen to live in Northern Virginia and NY). They found my grandmother’s home (which is now rubble) and we were able to bring back pieces home. Now it has a place in my own home!
Chris Cicatelli — This is a disc golf disc with the Chicago Cubs World Series Champs 2016 stamp. A Christmas gift from my wife. I was lucky enough to attend the Cubs White House visit a few months later (thank you Goldrick!!) and even luckier to meet some players and get a few to sign the disc! WS MVP Ben Zobrist, Javy Baez and Kyle Schwarber. It will always hang on my wall and be part of my Cubs collection. Safe to say, It will never be thrown.
Janette Luviano — This is what helps me make it through the day at home! Knowing happy hour is only a step away!! 😂 #BarCart
Jenny Darling — No caption needed.
Will Avila — These are some of my plants in a family photo on watering day. When I moved to DC, I left all my woodworking tools behind and needed a new apartment-friendly hobby. Learning to keep these fragile plants alive and thriving over the last two years has been very rewarding. They bring life and nature into my home, and that’s why they’re special to me.
Sophia Barnes — This shows a small fraction of my magnet collection! My sister has most of the ones we’ve collected from every place we’ve gone to since we were kids.
Omar Garcia — I collect futbol jerseys! Besides the fact that I cheer for those teams, they remind me of good times with family and friends. My two favorite pieces: 1. First jersey I used when I started to play futbol - 20 something years ago...ayayayyy. 2. Italy jersey signed by soccer icon Francesco Totti. I used to pretended that I was him when playing pick-up games; 10 years later he signed me that jersey when he played a friendly match here in DC.
Matt Glassman — People have been asking about my Zoom background. It’s real. I had an old postcard blown up to cover a wall in my living room — like a giant poster. I wanted an element of D.C. in my house but couldn’t get a good cityscape shot. Since most of this wall is cut off on Zoom, here’s the whole thing.
Alban Zamora — This painting holds a special place in my heart. It’s in my living room and many times you can see it on my camera shot when I’m anchoring from home. It takes me back to my hometown in Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 A good friend of mine painted it for me over there and it’s one of the things I see myself moving around with no matter where I go.
Scott MacFarlane — My mixtape collection. As a kid growing up in the 90s, these tapes are priceless. I made them for my girlfriend. To court her. She married me. We saved the tapes. Just need to invest in a tape player that won’t snap the old reels.
Joseph Martinez — One thing at home that holds a special meaning for me is this stone. It has taíno petroglyphs. Taínos were the indigenous people who lived in Puerto Rico before the Spanish got to the island. The petroglyphs include a representation of the sun, worshiped by the taínos, and the big one is the “coquí,” a frog that is native to Puerto Rico. I got this stone in January of 2016, right before I moved to Texas for my first job, after being born and raised in Puerto Rico. It reminds me of home, my family and my friends. I hope to keep it decorating my home anywhere I move to in the future!
Rachel Gordon — This submission is meaningful to share with my NBC fam because this is my WFH space. It's a sewing machine "desk" that was my great grandmother's dating back to the 1950s. I vividly remember my grandpa using it. I inherited it after he died. As you can see, it doubles as a work space when the sewing machine is folded down. When I'm not working, I sew masks as a creative outlet. In addition, on the wall above where I sit are watercolor paintings I found by my grandfather. He signed them, too. I look at these every day as I work, and they bring me comfort and joy. We used to paint together. I feel his presence. I hope I can continue sewing and other creative hobbies that I haven't made as much time for throughout quarantine and thereafter.
Karla Flores — My dog has been keeping me company while I’m home alone during this pandemic. Haven’t been able to have family over and my husband still goes to his office to work. So during my long 8 hour work days, I get emotional support from my little Pumba, who is also very protective of his little sister that’s on the way!
Alex Fruin -- My Winnie the Pooh doll. My brother gave him to me when we were kids and he is in pretty much every photo of me from my childhood. I used to sneak him into my desk everyday at school. He also traveled around the world with me when I went on Semester at Sea in college. Now he lives in a drawer because my cat always tries to attack him.
Darío López-Capera — I have been a soccer fan my whole life! Since I was 18, I started my jerseys' soccer teams and nationals team collection. The first one was Colombia national team designed for FIFA World Cup 1994 (on the mannequin). Today I have 82 jerseys from Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, El Salvador, Peru, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Portugal, France, among other countries. Some of them have been gifts from friends and relatives, and many of them I have purchased. Each one of them has a story behind that reminds me places where I have been.
Tracee Wilkins — This radio belonged to my maternal grandmother. It’s one of my favorite things in my home. It has not worked in forever but I dream of getting it repaired one day. I actually have a collection of antique radios that belonged to my grandparents but this is one of my favorites. I come from a family of avid music lovers and we kept everything that produced sound from record players to transistor radios. This sits in the corner of our dining room.
Edith Lozada — My husband and I decided to see “Ecce Homo” painting during our trip in Spain. I knew the botched painting was in a remote town and it was challenging to get there. Never did I think I would have to take a train, bus and walk 3 hours to see it. Once we got there, they were selling wine in the church. So I thought why not. It’s a great memory of our little adventure.
Juliana Valencia — I tried to find an inanimate object but the most special thing in my home for the last 8 years has been Wilson. I got him on a random Wednesday off Craigslist my senior year of college because, "I could be moving to Alaska! Who knows where my first job will be." I also named him Wilson because I wanted him to have a human name. When you’re new to town it sounds much better to be hanging out and having wine with Wilson than hanging out with Skip. I hope he stays with me as long as possible and carries my ring down the aisle on my wedding day (whenever that is😂😉).
Adriana Lopez Cadima — This little guy was a present from my boyfriend when he found out about my love for Harry Potter. We visit the Wizarding World almost yearly, thanks to our company discount! Hehe. It reminds me of the fun times we had before the pandemic, and makes me feel better! Optimistic to go back one day, but not in the near future!!!
Heather O'Hara — It’s one of the only pictures I’ve found that has all 4 grandparents. I think this is my fifth birthday. The curtains are so 80s.  Everyone is so happy. And there’s cake. (damn, I love cake)
Abimael Lisboa — I first read this book when its first edition came out. And it is a book that is easy to read, but with a great message: live each moment fully. Every moment has meaning.
Daniel Rivera — So here is my guitar. It has a really special meaning to me because for many years, I have been telling stories in a different way, through music! Stories that come from the heart and from the soul. I have written about 25 songs with it, maybe more. When I first saw it, I was like… “Oh wow, I think that this is the one!” and it is. And with it I had the opportunity to record my second CD. With it I had the opportunity to perform in different places including for nonprofit events, and other events.
Nestor Alvarenga — My traditional Salvadoran countryside kitchen made from black clay.
Moises Linares — Workout gear!
The Guru — One of my favorite pictures of me with some of my best friends.
Mona Nabili — One of my favorite possessions, loving football as I do, this was a fantastic and unexpected surprise. NBC Universal held a companywide contest: send in your most creative football photo. I entered and won the grand prize which is this fantastic Sunday Night Football autographed by all the on-air talent.
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