The Most Reliable Producers

Reliability in a hockey player, and in any athlete for that manner, is a quality not often in abundance. In fact, there are very few hockey players who consistently produce a point per game over an extended period of time. This week let's take a look at those NHLers who have been reliable and consistent threats by scoring at least a point per game over the past three seasons.

1. Joe Thornton-The Shark center leads the NHL with 335 points in 245 games over the past three seasons.
2. Alexander Ovechkin-The Capital's winger is the most exciting player in the NHL. His 310 points, including a league leading 163 goals over 245 games, ranks him second in the circuit just behind Thornton.
3. Sidney Crosby-"Sid" the Kid has, in a mere 213 games, registered an impressive 294 points. Just think of what he will do over his next 200 games.
4. Dany Heatley- The Sens' sharpshooter ranks fourth on this list with 290 points, and second in goal-scoring with 141 goals, just behind "Alexander the Great".
5. Daniel Alfredsson- The ageless Ottawa captain has registered 279 points in 224 games since 2006 and is primed for another 85-point season.
6. Vincent Lecavalier- Thought to be a bust for his first few seasons, Vinny has shown his true colors with 275 points the last three seasons.
7. Pavel Datsyuk-In his three NHL seasons he has not registered less than 87 points and has 271 in total.
8. Marc Savard- In both Atlanta and Boston he has been productive, registering 271 points in 238 games.
9. Jason Spezza- In only 211 games, the 25-year-old Spezza has registered 269 points and has not had a season where he has had less than 87 points.
10. Ilya Kovalchuk- He continues to produce for a mediocre Atlanta club. Over his last three campaigns he has 261 points.
11. Jarome Iginla- The Flames' most important player has registered 259 points, despite playing alongside an assortment of centers.
12. Marian Hossa-He has made stops in Ottawa, Atlanta and Pittsburgh and has always been productive. With 258 points the last three years, there is no reason to believe he won't succeed in Detroit as well.
13. Eric Staal-Even though it seems he was just a rookie, Staal has registered 252 points in 246 games.
14. Olli Jokinen- After spinning his wheels for his first six NHL seasons, Jokinen caught fire in 2006 and is still burning bright, as his 251 points in 246 will attest.
15. Martin St. Louis- Thought to be too small to play in the NHL, St. Louis has turned his doubters around with 246 points in his last 244 games.
16. Henrik Zetterberg- Despite playing with a wonky back, Zetterberg has registered 245 points in only 215 games. Imagine what he could do if he could stay healthy.
17. Joe Sakic- Burnaby Joe has been slowed by injuries of late, but his production remains solid. No one can complain about his 227 points in 208 games.
18. Daniel Briere- With 225 points in 208 games, Briere has proven he belongs amongst the NHL elite.
19. Teemu Selanne- The Finnish Flash is still one the NHL's best, despite the fact he played for the Winnipeg Jets a dozen years ago. With 207 points in only 188 games, the 38-year-old is still a fantasy mainstay.
20. Marian Gaborik- Despite many injuries, the talented Slovak has registered 206 points in 190 games.

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