Start the Manny Watch Again

Acta is less than inspiring

The Rockies pounded the snot out of Ross Detwiler in yesterday's 10-4 loss, capping a three-game sweep.  The Nats started the second half of their season with another non-curly L, and they're still on pace for fewer than 50 wins.

So should the Manny Acta watch pick back up?

During yesterday's game, MASN announcer Rob Dibble blasted the team's efforts.  The Dibster said the players were "going through the motions" and that they were showing a lack of effort.  He went on to say that it's time that someone -- one of the players, he observed -- kicked some chairs around to get some energy into what's been a fairly listless team.

Earlier in the season, Dibble was very harsh toward Manny, and especially Randy St. Claire.  He's since toned down much of his act, whether through a change of heart, or from directions from his bosses -- the team does have influence there -- to not rip the product.

Regardless, the "lack of effort" observation begs the question of what's Manny doing about it?  (Besides staring blankly from the dugout...)

After yesterday's game, the answer seems to be "not much." 

Reporters questioned Manny about Detwiler and whether he belongs in the majors.  Manny said, "That's not my decision here. I get these guys, I get them ready to play and I play them."

Translation: "Don't blame me, man."

(And you can certainly quibble with how "ready to play" he gets them.)

Manny also complained about the high number of fastballs Detwiler threw, saying that he wasn't throwing his breaking or off-speed pitches enough.

That, too, begs a question.  Isn't Manny allowed to talk to the pitcher during the game?  Is Manny capable of confronting his players when they're not following his gameplan?  Does he have a gameplan?  Is he capable of adjusting when things aren't going right?

So this is what we know now.  Manny's team stinks.  He apparently has little control over the gameplan or ability to influence it mid-game.  And he thinks you shouldn't blame him for who he can and can't play.

Such a leader of men.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He thinks Manny needs to go, if only to save any sort of future he has.

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