Skins Scalping Slip-up

Draft pick gets caught in a lie

What's worse than violating NCAA rules by scalping tickets to your own football games? Whatever it is, the lips of Skins draft pick Cody Glenn are sealed.

Glenn was suspended "indefinitely" by Nebraska coach Bo Pellini in mid-November, missing the last three games of his career, including a Gator Bowl victory against Clemson. The guilt on Glenn's conscious for whatever "violation of team rules" he committed still won't allow him to come clean, nor stop lying.

Inundated with questions about why his career as a Cornhusker was cut short, Glenn chose to buy into one of the rumors floating around, probably the least of all evils, and told D.C. reporters that he scalped Nebraska tickets, an act that could get the Cornhuskers program in trouble.

School officials, and now Glenn, are denying that ticket scalping was the reason for the rules violation. Or are they lying again to prevent possible sanctions on the program?

Glenn clearly didn't anticipate the diligence of the Washington press, nor did he factor in that "scalping" tickets probably should not have been his rumor of choice, considering the controversy surrounding the Redskins team name.

Sure, whatever Glenn really did can remain a private matter between him an Pellini. But the problem is that D.C. reporters aren't the only ones to whom Glenn has been telling his purported fib. According to Redskins Insider, Glenn told at least two other NFL teams that he was suspended for ticket scalping.

Not good to start your NFL career with transgressions and lies. Heck, Glenn and Skins Exec. VP of Ops Vinny Cerrato can't even get their stories straight.

"They had all their people go through all the stuff before they drafted me, so I'm pretty sure they know everything," said Glenn via the Omaha World-Herald, meaning that he "believes" the Skins know the "real" reason for the suspension ... or do they?

"That (the suspension) was for the ticket sales. You know what? Our scouts do a good job with all the information we get. I talked to their people down there, and we felt comfortable with everything," said Cerrato.

Oh Vinny! The alarming bells and whistles of the Skins media & PR machine are once again indicating a franchise fail. What's new?

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