Sanchez to the Skins?

If Kiper says it, it must be so

If you believe Mel Kiper -- and who doesn't believe Mel Kiper -- then Jason Campbell's troubles might not be over.

Kiper's latest mock draft has the Skins taking USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the 13th pick.

Poor JC.  Just when he was probably starting to feel good about himself again.  After the Cutler dance, the Skins brought in Byron Leftwich for a look-see, and now this.

Kiper says that if Sanchez falls that far, he should be the obvious pick: "Sanchez definitely is one of the top five to eight players available in this draft, and getting him here would be a bit of a steal, because had he returned to USC for his senior season, he likely would have been the No. 1 overall pick."

On SportsCenter, Kiper said that he thinks Sanchez could fall this far because all the other QB-needy teams ahead of the Skins -- like San Fran or Denver -- have many other needs.  He didn't rule out, though, the possibility of a team behind Washington trading up to poach Sanchez.

If that's good enough for other teams, should it be good enough for the Skins?  Say he falls all the way down to Washington.  Should they then try to trade down, and pick up an extra pick or two?

Of course knowing Vinny, he'd just take another two wide receivers and a punter.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He wonders what Colt thinks about all this.

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