Portis Has JC's Back

Portis thinks Campbell's up to the challenge

With the Mark Sanchez rumors swirling as wildly as ever, even if Dan Snyder doesn't have Jason Campbell's back, Clinton Portis does.

Portis was on NFL Live and asked a bunch of questions about Danny's latest potential QB of the future.  CP seems to be happy with Campbell.

They asked him if he thought Campbell could be an elite QB, and Hogs Haven relays Portis's answer:

"'Yeah, I think he can be an elite quarterback. He has the tools, and ability.' Portis laid it out though as he added that it was unfair and unreasonable to point the finger squarely at Jason, since offensive line issues and wide receiver problems have dogged our offense. I think his exact quote was, 'I bet you couldn't name any of our starting wide receivers the last five years except for Santana.'"

There's no bus-throwing there.

Portis chose his words carefully (and correctly) when he talked about how even if Sanchez is in town, it's not a bad thing.  He said that competition is a good thing -- although Mr. Betts might have a few observations about that.

To be fair, though, Hogs Haven notes that Portis acknowledged that he'll probably have to face the reality of the Skins drafting a younger running back one of these years.

From Cutler to Leftwich to Sanchez... it's been an interesting off-season for Campbell.

At least he can count on one person this season.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He doesn't have an offensive line either.

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